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How to thrive as an Empath

Interview with BlissfulBohemian

Full Interview on Compass Travelers Magazine IGTV:

What does being a witch mean to you?

Savannah identifies as a witch and a healer. She describes herself as a empath guide, she loves to help empaths alchemize anxiety into divine power. She also has created the portal1111 to help teach students.

Savannah believes being a witch to her is standing fearlessly in her power and connecting with the unseen and nature.

Savannah believes that empaths are leaders in this world. Empaths have the ability to connect to others and tune into things others cannot. Savannah says, in tribal times the empathic Shamans were the leaders. This is the power and connection we are missing in todays world.

She encourages empaths to use their power as their light.

How do you differentiate intuition from anxiety?

In order to get a clear idea of how your feeling, "tune into the body" Savannah says. Check your breathing, is it short breathes or are you in your body grounded. If its anxiety you can feel it in your body. It won't feel good. Intuition will feel right.

What do you do when you embody someone else's stress/feelings/emotions as your own?

Savannah likes to say, "it's a them problem, let them keep it." She also says to watch where you go and keep positive people around you.

Can anyone be empathic?

Yes it is for anyone. Empathy is actually psychic feelings. We all can tap into this feeling but some might be more open that others.

How do you balance your masculine and feminine energy?

Savannah says that these two sides work together. You can not have one without the other. Masculine is the "structure" that allows femininity to flow, thrive, and create. In order to do anything you need both. Feminine magic and Masculine structure.

How do you manage your energetic and physical self?

Savannah says that there is an energetic and earthly self. If you wish to bring more action into your physical life she says to work in the opposite side. For example, she says if your feeling stuck emotionally/energetically she suggests to move your body and release tension in the body to make space for energy to move.

What do you think happens when we pass away, what is life after death?

Savannah believes that our energy returns to the greater consciousness and then can choose which life it wants to go to next. She believes that our energies go through physical bodies/places but continues to be an ethereal energy of consciousness.

If you want to learn more about Blissful Bohemian check her out here:

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