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Wahine Collective

Wahine Collective

Wahine Collective is an incredible group of women from all backgrounds, age groups, and perspectives.

“Welcome to The Wāhine Collective Podcast, a safe community where the women of Hawai‘i can be heard, bridge differences as well as grow alongside each other through their distinct voices and stories.”

Wahine Collective has a podcast, Instagram page, and even hosts events now!

We got to cover their first event with Shebrews Art & Yoga:

A collaborative event bringing women leaders together for a restorative yoga class and co-mingling book swap and community empowerment group conversation together.

When we watched these women from all ages and backgrounds come together I was in absolute awe of the sense of peace and love that surrounded us. Without speaking, everyone felt the presents of everyones unconditional support and love. Women coming together like this calls for magic to happen. And by the end of the event everyone was crying, opening up, and feeling ecstatic with abundance and new friendships.

The combination of movement and conversation brought out ideas, realizations, and priceless connections.

I highly suggest you to support, and become apart of Wahine collective. If you get opportunity to come to the next Wahine Collective in Oahu, Hawaii you will be welcomed just the same.

Women circles are so needed more than ever now.

I interview one of the Co-hosts and creators of Wahine Collective, Sofia.

Here is what she has to say:

  1. What does it mean to bring women together from all different backgrounds?

Bonds that can be made outside of women’s traditional friend groups can be extremely important. The people we can meet that are different ages, background, and ethnicities, allow us to see different perspectives and see how similar we all really are! Women that come together can show each other new perspectives, and inspire one another.

  1. Is it hard to find/communicate with men about women empowerment? How do you make them understand/be part of the movement as well? How can we make Feminist men more “mainstream”.

Sofia believes it is Important to listen to men and understand where they are coming from first. Men have just as many problems and restrictions placed on them that make it hard for them to open up and be themselves. If we allow them to tell their side of the story, their perspective, and open up it will take in consideration all perspectives. Including men in the conversation of equality and women empowerment is a great way to make the topic less “women only” and allow all to support equality and love and support for all.

  1. As a women leader inspiring other women, how do you continue even when you slip up, or make a mistake yourself?

Sofia says it’s all about the journey and sharing your own journey with others. It is a JOURNEY, not a perfect straight line. And FAILURE is apart of any journey.

Failure shows growth and as Sofia says, “every great leader has fallen but they kept going and that’s what made them great leaders”

Connect with Wahine Collective community- Links below:

Instagram- thewahineco

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