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Turning Anxiety into Fuel to Open Up Your Intuition

Updated: May 20, 2022

Anxiety to Intuition

This is for the person that has anxiety or OCD like me and wants to change this energy into fuel to open up your Intuition.

What is Intuition? It is that gut feeling you automatically feel about something without overthinking it.

That feeling is going to guide you to what YOUR DREAM PATH is going to be.

I believe that everyone is put here on earth with a purpose and the way to access this path is by listening to what feels right for YOU!

Everyone has a different path and unique intuition.

So with this mediation today were going to try to unleash your intuitional instinct that has been held down by society's influences, therefore, creating anxiety and OCD.

First off let's tune in to how you are breathing right now.

You will only be listening to your inner compass when you feel fully safe/grounded/and confidently correct in your feelings.

Doubt is an automatic anxious response to intuitive thought, but if you can return to that core powerful initial thought you can return to your truth.

What I like to do is have a grounding tool to bring me back to my “center”

It could be a necklace, tattoo, ring, any object, or even an affirmation or mantra depending on what works for you better.

When we start to feel ourselves drift off into doubt we can ground ourselves back down by tuning into our grounding tool.

In your truest heart you know what is right, or the chosen path for you.

Let's start by taking a deep breath and tuning into something on the body that feels grounding. Something absolute, something that you can always tune into wherever you go.

Now, with this newfound power.

Search your brain for any unresolved thoughts or feelings that come to your mind.

Is your job frustrating you?

Do you feel unfulfilled somewhere in your life?

Tune into what is lacking now.

Now, what is the first thing that comes into your mind to fill this lack?

Imagine an action, experience, feeling, or object, that fills this space in your life.

You will automatically know. The first thing you think of is the correct answer even if you don’t think it is.

Keep with this image.

Ask yourself,

Why have you not achieved this?

Why is this not your current reality?

Your gut will know where you have been lacking to achieve your dream.

Know to imagine yourself in your dream life, dream career, dream family situation, dream friendships, or whatever that dream you are feeling lack in.

Imagine yourself in it, loving your life. Imagine yourself in your truest form of self and being.

Doing what you were put here on earth to do.

Now I want you to draw this out. Map it out.

Imagine it, draw it out into your reality, and map out the steps for you to get there.

In the next intuition coaching Live and podcast, we will go over life mapping and how important it is to draw/write/ and see your thoughts and feelings out on paper in front of you for it to manifest into your reality.

As always stay true to your inner compass…

See you soon Compass Travelers.

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