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Compass Travelers Magazine

Magazine Mission Statement:


Compass Travelers Magazine is an Online Travel & Mindset Magazine that intends to inspire self-growth, and cultural, social, and environmental topics around the world! Using media platforms to influence the world for better.  

Who We Are:

Kasey & Calvin or the Compass Travelers are an entrepreneur couple that lives on the North Shore of Oahu. 


Kasey specializes in travel journalism and hosting meditation retreats and classes. Her brand Compass Travelers is an influencer travel journalist brand that helps people with mindset tools and helping them find their intuition or “inner compass” with a variety of journal products and ebooks.


Calvin specializes in marine biology and owns his own shark diving eco-tour company called Deep Blue Eco-Tours in Haleiwa. He takes people out to learn all about the Hawaiian ocean eco system and get a close up look of sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles and more in a safe and eco-friendly way! 


Check out this entrepreneur duo! Support them on their journey to help share their passions of helping people get out of their comfort zone, follow their inner compass, and support the environment and world! 

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