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YOUR Mindset is SO Important!


Mindset is the MOST important thing I have ever discovered in life. It is a powerful, but scary thing. The power of your mind can change a day from being a good day to a bad day. It is scary because it is VERY difficult to control your own mind. Your mind is many bouncing babbling thoughts and ideas and feelings, and it is difficult to focus on one thing, or idea. But with meditation and quieting the mind you can. Overtime you can harness a more peaceful mind. When I was a teen my mind was a CRAZY place! As people grow up their mind matures and can slow down the messages flowing and actually understand them before feeling them. We have talked about affirmations, mantras, and meditation in my past podcasts. But, the key to all these ideas is through your own MINDSET. Mindset is actually what it sounds, what your mind is set to think or believe. If you grew up with thinking that the earth is flat and was told repeatedly by society, your parents, and yourself, chances are you will believe it and your MIND will be SET into thinking these types of ideas and beliefs. When we are young, we are super susceptible to ANY and EVERYONES mindset and ideas, we absorb it like a sponge! As we grow older, we form our own ideas and beliefs about the world. And this the act of RECONDITIONING your mindset. And TRAINING your mind to believing new things will shift what it will subconsciously believe in. Take a positive mindset, if you look at certain situations in a positive, uplifting way, it will seem more positive. If you are walking to the beach you can either focus on how nice the sun feels on your face, the breeze in your hair, the smells of flowers around you, or the sweet bliss of just being able to walk, see, have senses and be able to even walk to a BEACH, safely and quickly. You will have a happy, positive, better walk to the beach. If you notice the bugs while walking, the annoyance of the sand on your feet, the pain in your toes from walking on an acorn, the smell of dog poop, or focus on how annoying it is to walk all the way to this beach that isn’t the best beach you’ve seen even, etc. This is thinking negatively, and the experience will therefore be NEGATIVE, bad and you might STUB your toe or add onto the negativity unconsciously! Everything builds up, negative mindset= negative build up, positive mindset= positive build up. This is probably something you heard, “stay positive”, “turn lemons into lemonade”, etc. But it goes deeper. It is an everyday feeling that you can wake up to and cover yourself in if you repeat a positive mindset subconsciously. I have noticed for myself for example is that my mantra used to be something that made me think of how I can be the best and what I am lacking rather than how I am abundant, and therefore I would always be pushing myself to be better, when thinking you are already better is much more productive. If you feel any lack or negativity you will feel tired, empty, or exhausted trying to be your best self. Being your best self should flow naturally and feel easy and nice not difficult. In order to do this, you should surround yourself with positive, “I am already full” feelings, ideas, believes, and thoughts. If you believe this, you will be it. I have changed my mantra to GOOD or POSITIVE outcomes only. This makes me feel like all outcomes are in fact good and positive, even “bad” ones now because with this subconscious mindset you truly will start believing that it is good or will lead to good/positive outcomes. These types of patterns, reminders, and repetition of positive thoughts and ideas can shift and change your whole outlook on life, your life and possibilities, and who you are entirely. Have fun with this newfound magic and use it to the best of your ability!

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