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You need to know about Wahine Collective!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

What is Wahine Collective?

Wahine Collective is a women-run community of empowered women from all different backgrounds coming together here in Oahu. Sofia says, "When we come together the possibilities are endless". Wahine Collective aspires to highlight women that are making a difference in the Oahu community.

Women from all around the world that live in Hawaii. Philippines, Indonesian, Hawaiian, and even South African women all coming together.

  1. What has your Inner Compass been telling you?

As a 23 year old Sofia, the co-host of Wahine Collective podcast, has a dream to travel the world. Originally from the Philippines, she wants to learn about as many new places as she can since her ancestors did not have the same opportunities. She wants to show and empower other women to travel and get outside their comfort zone.

Now more than ever women have the capability to explore new horizons!

2. Why is it important that Wahine (woman) from all backgrounds come together and support one another?

It is so important for women to support one another now more than ever. Recently due to covid and all the negative news, women need to stay strong together.

For example, on Facebook there are multiple groups of women coming together and supporting one another.

For example:

Women Entrepreneurs Support Group:

There are so many women communities coming together. For example some of the travel groups will actually host other women while traveling. Some of the groups support women entrepreneurs and give them tips and advice.

We both agree that when we come together we find more in common, and similarities that make you feel not alone in the world.

3. What do you think the world needs more of/ Less of?

Sofia believes the world need more GRACE. In a world of transitioning and constant change, people need to have grace and patience for one another. We could be more understanding of others and see the love in all humans.

We both agree that spreading kindness to everyone is important. Waving and smiling at a stranger is important to continue doing today.

4. Why do you think women leaders are needed more than ever right now?

Women leaders are needed more than ever today! There needs to be a balance of women and male leaders to allow the different of perspectives and different leadership styles.

5. How do you inspire/support other women to follow their compass and dreams? The Wahine Collective inspires others to "take the jump" and "follow their compass" by showing role models and people they can look up to as an example. They also inspire other women through supportive community to help give that needed "push".

What can we look forward to see from Wahine Co in the future?



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