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Why Earth Breeze can be a world changing product

Since there are SO many everyday items people use that come in PLASTIC we found Earth Breeze, an everyday eco-friendly sheet pack for your laundry needs.

It has been life changing! Instead of using a big heavy, inconvenient plastic jug everytime we do laundry we just pop in a little sheet from the Eco friendly envelope and it’s all set!

Earth breeze smells good, leaves our clothes nice and clean, and is the easiest way to do laundry! It takes up less space and helps the world reduce plastic every use!

Why use plastic and materials that DO NOT decompose and leave the Earth for everyday tasks like laundry!? We are starting to see plastic in everything; from our oceans, to our fish, to even our own blood!

Plastic is toxic and stays on the Earth FOREVER after it is produced! It doesn’t go away when you throw it away.

So why not make the switch to using something so easy and simple as an Earth Breeze sheet?

Try your out now and make a difference in your life:

Use compasstravelers code for discount!

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