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Who is Cade Bergman and what is JOYAGE?

Cade Bergman is a pioneer, entrepreneur, video/podcast creator, and traveler. One day he decided to go against the norm and follow his passions and "inner compass". He took on the journey of finding himself and sharing the journey on his podcast and YouTube Channel.

Today I had the pleasure to interview him on Compass Travelers Magazine:

1. What is your purpose in life/what has your inner compass told you?

Cade wants to be a role model to the younger generation that he wish he had when he was younger. He wants to help people be confident in who they are and to be able to go outside of the box.

2. What do you think the world needs more of?

Cade believes that the world needs more of people that are creating content that is authentic, true to themselves, and not content to just go viral. He's sick of seeing people post certain things for views. He believes that if you post and create what you vibe with and love it will pay off long-term instead of short-term content for views.

3. How do you inspire others but stay humble/understanding/open to new perspectives?

Cade believes it is essential to build a community and emotional connection with his audience. He believes that using online platforms to listen to other opinions and start the conversations is essential. He believes that you don't have to "win every argument", or "always be right". Less ego and more love. Cade believes it is a great skill to learn, observe, listen to others and "sit on the sideline" first. He is a strong believer in interviewing others and getting perspectives from all over the world.

4. What are your greatest fears?

Cade's biggest fear is losing loved ones. The idea of being out of control in relationships and the unpredictability of life can be difficult. Learning self-love and growing individually helped him release this fear and embrace the uncontrollable.

5. How are you sharing your gifts/purpose with the world?

Cade is sharing his amazing passions, gifts, and voice on these links below:

Tune into the LIVE Video Interview on Instagram, YouTube or Compass Travelers Podcast:

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