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What makes Tropical Tribe açaí SO pure?

We LOVE Tropical Tribe!

We had the pleasure of working with them on a collaboration for their new shop that recently opened up in Haleiwa on the North Shore.

Their new shop is in the heart of Haleiwa. It is now our GO-TO place to get work done and get açaí because the food they make is authentic and pure.

The açaí is made on their own farms in Brazil and created with raw Guarana crushed berries. (unlike many other Hawaiian açaí stores)

Tropical Tribe even use these berries as an energy boasting mix powder in their smoothies!

Tropical Tribe is all about authenticity and quality. We love their high quality açaí from Brazil as well as their authentic Brazilian Pao de Queijo, a great treat to go along with your fruity bowl! Pay de Quito is a gluten free cheese bread made with a Brazilian root (yucca flour).

Tropical Tribe's açaí berries are grown wild where they are native from, the Amazon Rainforest.

Their system allows for these delicate berries to be quickly de-pulped and frozen as fast as possible so they can keep the maximum amount of nutrients.

Açaí is still a wild berry, it hasn't been domesticated by years of agriculture, which means it is a sensitive berry, so to produce a high-quality pulp you need to make sure you have a fast processing time. Tropical Tribe works only with the berries during the season when they are at their best!

The owner, Andre has always wanted his own business and has a passion with healthy food.

Andre says, "When I came to Hawaii I noticed that açaí berries had just been introduced to the Hawaiian market. The product available at the time was well below the quality we would see in the good açaí shops in Brazil."

Andre saw an opportunity to bring the true Brazilian authentic açaí bowl to Hawaii.

Over the years Tropical Tribe has grown. They have now set up their own production in the Amazon in Brazil, have started wholesaling their high quality pulp, and in 2021 opened two new locations for Tropical Tribe in Oahu!

Way to follow your INNER COMPASS Andre!

Tropical Tribe Instagram:

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