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What is YOUR Purpose?

What is your purpose?

What made you the HAPPIEST when you were a kid? It could be simple or complex. For me it was writing and storytelling and being outside In nature. These three things made me who I was as a child. I told stories about fairy’s and built little houses for them out of barc. I would tell elaborate stories to my grandparents in order to get a reaction out of them. I loved it! I was a storyteller.

If you could go back in time and think about what really made you tik and made you feel purposeful when you were ages 3-12. Forget about the money, forget about your location, and what fits into your busy schedule now. And just think about those simple moments of pure happiness and pleasure.

Bliss, this is something we know very well as children but lose touch of it as adults. When was the last time you truly felt bliss? I know I have not in a long time. The only times I feel like I am doing something that brings me joy is writing, storytelling and being outside. Because I took the deep dive and looked into myself and reminded myself about my childhood passions, I now make sure they are involved in my days today.

Did you like to build Legos? Well build something, introduce it back into your life. Where you super creative as a kid? Pain, draw, and write today! Even just swimming or playing at the beach can bring back that childlike self in you. Bringing out that child spirit in us all can make us REMEMBER who we really are. We may have forgotten about the little soul of fun and joy in you, but we all have it. We just have forgotten about it along the way and fallen to stress and the “real-world”.

I am sorry but if we have neglected our purest form, then what is this form at all? Going back to remember your true identity before and judgement or hate was placed on you, the subconscious truth of you will always ALWAYS show you the way and what you NEED in your life that you have forgotten. If you sit for some time and think about this now, really think about what you enjoy. Bring in back into your life and you will see a dramatic change in your happiness, and goals. The job you thought was all your passion may be just a source of income and your passion you forgot about can reveal itself. Always go for what makes you happy, not what you think you should be doing. Because that little kid in you knows you more than you know yourself know and knows you more than anyone else.

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