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The Curvy Surfer Girl Movement

Compass Travelers Magazine had the pleasure to interview the amazing and inspirational Curvy Surfer Girl, or @curvysurfergirl on Instagram. She is starting an amazing movement of empowered women that love their bodies, minds, and unique powers, with herself as the example.

She believes that putting herself as the tester to surrender and rise up over societies restrictions and judgements is a way to inspire and teach others that they can do the same.

1. What is your purpose in life/what has your Inner Compass told you?

Elizabeth believes that the ocean is her healer and inspiration. When she surrenders to mother nature and the ocean she lets her body surrender and allow anxiety to release. She knows that, "going with the natural flow of energy" is easier than resisting. She knows that surrendering to the moment and learning, growing, and becoming empowered by the experience is her strength.

Elizabeth wants to do the same with being a curvy surfer in a world of hateful media and specific boxes of what a surfer girl is. She likes to embody "the non-typical surfer girl".

2. What do you think the world needs more of?

Elizabeth believes that compassion is needed more in the world. Compassion for other people and allowing yourself to give love and kindness too other peoples lives. She believes that coming from a place of love when you see others failing/messing up, is essential. Elizabeth believes that understanding others perspectives is essential. She loves to break "the need for perfection" and empower others to do the same.

3. How do you want to inspire others with your content?

Elizabeths primary goal is to make people feel better about themselves when they look at her content. She wants people to realize that we are all more similar than we think. She thinks, "How would Elizabeth be effected when consuming her content". She puts herself in the viewers shoes and wants people to leave and feel better about their lives and their struggles. Elizabeth used to consume social media content that ended up making her feel a lot worse about herself. She left Instagram feeling like she needed to change the way she looks, how her life looks, and she constantly felt there was something wrong with her. She was sick of that! As many feel, and she wants to be the example of that if she can do it anyone can. You do not need to change who you are to love your life and yourself.

4. What are your greatest fears?

Elizabeth struggles with the fear of not measuring up and being good enough like many others. She believes that affirmations, mantras, and celebrating her wins is essential for her now. Perfectionism and fearing failure is a huge fear for many. We both have experienced this and believes that self-love, gratitude, and reassuring yourself with affirmations and inspiration is key to getting out of the perfectionism over-achieving need for more.

5. How do you think women leaders are changing the world today and why are they needed!

Elizabeth has been in politics and with her time and experience she sees that women have a special and unique way of leading. Women experiences and perspectives are so valuable to have in the human consciousness. She believes having complimentary duality is essential in life. The Hawaiian culture embraces this. She believes that if we only have masculinity in leadership we are missing the women perspectives and experiences in leadership. Elizabeth believes seeing the value in sitting in that duality is essential for humans to thrive.

6. How are you sharing your gifts/purpose with the world? (Links, Info)

Currently Elizabeth is hosting a Bali surfing trip with empowered women to share and continue the conversation with Trova Trip. Open to everyone, beginners and advanced. She wants to continue to grow this community of body positivity conscious women. Elizabeth fights every day to work with the classic surf brands for inclusive suits and boards. Her future media projects will be showing that anyone can surf and experience their dream lifestyle. She wants to CHANGE the media image and prove to people that YOU CAN DO IT.

Elizabeth wants to change the industry wave by wave, suit by suit, and surfer by surfer!

To see more of Curvey Surfer Girl check out these links:

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