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“It doesn’t matter what life throws at me, I’m winning anyways”

💪🧠Physical health and mental health go hand-in-hand! 🏋️As a personal trainer and psychologist major, Fabian wants to take fitness one step further by incorporating psychology. 🧭Instead of just focusing on the body, he focused on the mind and intuition as well! ✨This overall lifestyle method is the only way we like to work out! 🧠Fitness is so mental. Fabian is all about “Listening to the body” 🧭Fabian teaches his clients not only work out routines but also how to intuitionally listen to your body! 🧭Fabian focuses on how listening to your inner intuition is the best way to a healthy body, mind, and gut. ✨Thank you @changeizfitness for the work out and mind opening psychology facts behind mental health and physical health.

Interview Article:

Question #1: What motivates you to share your passion with others?

“It was not always my passion, I was first a soldier in the military. But when I came back from my second deployment I almost tried to kill myself.”

Fabian was in a bad place in life and on his way back home from work stumbled into a gym. He met depression and mental health issues with sweat and fitness.

He realized quickly that going to the gym “gave him time to think” and also made him feel good.

It showed him that he HAD the strength and power to do whatever he wanted to do.

When Fabian started making working out a routine of his he decided to share his passion to other people.

He likes to train, help others, and empower people.

Question #2: What do you think is the most important thing about mental health?

“I think the first thing is realizing that there is such a thing as mental health and there needs to be a whole lot more light shine on it”

Fabian wants to erase the misconceptions about anxiety and depression and let people know it is normal and does not make you weak.

Fabian says people need to remember to grow and “keep their mind in shape” just like your body.

Mindfulness is key for Fabian.

Questions #3: What type of workout do you like best when you are stressed/anxious?

Fabian says, “with fitness I work out the way I feel”

“if I wake up and feel crappy, I will go with whatever exercise I feel I need at the time”

“I listen to my body and what my body needs”

Some days Fabian feels like lifting weights, some days running, some days dancing can even be your work out.

Fabian likes to highlight that each day does not have to be the same work out routine.

And that, “Consistency is in showing up.”

And that working out should be fun!

Question #4: How do you keep yourself motivated?

Fabian says, “Motivation is temporary” and to “rely on commitment instead”.

Fabian likes to compare motivation to this analogy: “motivation is like your favorite ice cream, you love ice cream when you feel like eating ice cream, but you're not going to always feel like eating ice cream.”

Fabian believes that commitment gets you into the workout and the motivation can be felt or found later into the work out.

Question #5: What is your best diet plan?

Fabian says, “None.” “instead of creating restrictions you should follow what your body is needing at that time.”

Fabian believes, that just like working out, listening to your intuition and body is the best way to create the healthiest balance of things you need.

Fabian is an inspirational, passionate, personal trainer, with a psychology major here in Oahu, Hawaii.

He combines working out with Mental Health and a whole lifestyle change.

Check him! Learn more about Change Iz Fitness here:

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