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Trauma and how to release it.

When we think about trauma, we think that it will stay with us forever. But this is NOT true at all, there are so many ways to release trauma. Let’s talk about the best way we can.

A lot of the times our emotions and feelings we feel or express badly are due to trauma when we were a child or in our developing stages of life. The way to fix these things is to go back in time in specific memories and rethink them, look at them through a better mindset to shift your mind and start wiring your brain differently. Once something bad happens to us it sticks in our mind as a reminder to not do this again, if we rewire it and change our mindset, we can shift how we think about this event.

Let’s give an example to make this clearer:

I want you to think about that moment in your life where you can draw a line in the sand from before and after it happened. A defining moment in your life that was traumatic or left you in a deeply emotional state. These moments can define us in a good way or bad, it depends on how we view it. Think back to these events and how they shifted your mindset.

So, when I feel anxiety or have a feeling that something wrong is going to happen to me in moments where I shouldn’t be feeling this it is due to past traumas spiking my brain to feel this way.

Think of a recent event and a bad feeling you got, trace it back to when you felt this feeling. I can trace it back to a car accident I was in, feeling vulnerable, and not in control. You can even trace it back to the first moment you felt this feeling as a child if you can remember. Once you are thinking of this past memory, feel how it made you feel at that time, absorb it, and let it sink in. Lots of times we never truly let us feel and soak in bad feelings, so we never can learn or recover from them, it stays stored in us always. Tracing back that memory and feeling bad feelings is a good way to come to terms with these traumatic, emotional moments. In order to SHIFT these bad memories that are stored in your brain, think of that moment and find anything in the memory that makes you feel good, or better. For example, in my car accident traumatic moment, the feeling I can find positive in it all is that I survived and felt SAFE after it happened

because so many people came to our rescue. The people stopping their cars, the ambulance, and the police, and the court system where all there to make me feel SAFE at that moment. So even though I felt scared at first, I felt safe and taken care of in all the chaos. If you can shift your mindset to think about these past memories in this way, a feeling of how you trust and feel safe that those people helped you out in that time of need, instead of feeling the fear, you change the whole memory. You can now LEARN from the moment. Learn that I am so lucky to be completely ok from that an that people came to my rescue. Feel safe and love from that memory, not just the negative stuff! A lot of the time our brain will only remember the negative things in memories, shifting this and looking back on the past and thinking of the positive feelings during the moments is a way to shift the brain’s feelings on events, and release negative emotions from traumatic event build-up. Feeling all the feelings, coming to terms with it and then, changing the mindset on past events, it is as simple as that!

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