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How To Use Law Of Attraction & Manifestation


Law of attraction is the MOST helpful tool in my life! If you are not using law of attraction yet it will change and help your life so much. Let me explain what it is in my words, if you want to learn more through the millions of movies and books out there I would suggest watching “The Secret” on Netflix and read the book “Gene Keys”.

Including Manifestation into your life whether it be daily affirmations, gratitude journaling, mindful meditation, or a vision board can help you access and tap into the abundance of life! When you are creating a passion or goal in your mind it helps to write it down and ask yourself 3 questions,

  1. Why do you want to do this?

  2. How will it make you feel?

  3. How will it help others/the world?

If you answer these truthfully and positively the positive energy you are feeling and presenting to the world will reflect back to you.

First lets look into your mind. Try to not focus of negative self talk and shift it to more self love and positive thoughts. The more you are positive and think positively the more positivity will come to you in your environment in real life. This is for example the way atoms attract atoms and cluster together, it is physics, the law of attracting.

Try to stay away from negative things whether it be a violent, negative tv show, or that negative person that puts you down in your life. The more of that you surround yourself with the more you will attract it. Do not come from a place of lack come from a place of abundance.

This is why affirmations and gratitude attracts more abundance in your life.

Ever ask yourself why that person seems to have everything going on? It is because they are attracting that abundance with more abundance, like a snowball effect it will attract to those people that are attracting it.

Meditation is a great way to attract abundance. Mindful meditation is giving what your body and mind needs at this moment and giving it to yourself. Allowing your mind to get out your thoughts or visual your goals to understand it more is what your mind needs.

VISUALIZATION. Imagine yourself creating what you want in your day and life. Imagine yourself doing it in your head before you do it the easier it is to do it.

If you have trouble thinking about what makes you happy and what are your goals think about what you liked as a kid. What made you feel unconditional joy when you were little? What was the feeling you got from it? How can you bring that feeling to your forefront of your life with activities similar today?

Visual vision boards are a good way to do this if you have trouble visualizing it in your head.

Here is mine for an example:

Get started today and do not doubt yourself or look back!

Good luck and sending positive energy your way, message me if you have any questions!

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