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How to Organize YOUR Life!

Organization is a mindset and skill. It can take practice and dedication. A more organized life will lead to a more successful future. How do I know this? Well you may not want to believe a 22-year-old that is figure all this out currently too but all the research, self-help classes, retreats, groups, shows and books I have dived into prove it to be so.

How do I get started!? I have so many different things I want to do and NOT enough time!

1. Well get a calendar that you can physically write out these goals and passions you want to do. It helps you remember it and prioritize them. I recommend getting a BIG CALENDER/JOURNAL. I use a Moleskin Black Leather Calendar that has a FULL page PER DAY.

2. How do you make time and make steps toward huge goals? Well the THREE method is the most helpful way to break down goals and steps. Every day write out THREE goals or things you need to accomplish that day. 1. 2. 3. While you are doing them check them off, this gives you a sense of accomplishment and joy in the day.

3. But what if my goals are TOO BIG to do in ONE DAY? Well this is where time management comes in. (I SUCK AT TIME MANAGEMENT) I used to try and fit everything in during one day and I would get so overwhelmed that I would end up not doing ANY OF IT. Well an easy way to solve this problem was brought to my attention in a group call with an amazing human being circle I am a part of that share self-help tips to each other. The idea is put THREE big goals at the end of every week, what do you want to accomplish this week that you have been putting off? Put them down on your SUNDAY. And each day at least one of your goals for the day can go toward those goals. It can be as simple as, “look up how to get a business license to start my own business today”. Break it down and have 7 days of time STRETCHED out to achieve a goal.

4. At times goals can be SO BIG that it needs a MONTH of dedication to do it, OR EVEN A YEAR! In these cases, write out the THREE big goals at the end of the month, and each day do little tiny steps to it and eventually you will get to your end goal. If you do not have enough money to do something like say, “Live in a van”, Make that a YEAR goal, and each goal every day will be SAVING UP MONEY to that goal at the end of the year to make that come true.

5. If you think about your goals and days in an organized mathematical way it will help you achieve your goals better than just going at it all at once. THE ONE exception to all this is, you have to prioritize these goals. If your JOB does not work toward these goals of yours, if your environment or community does not help you work toward these goals those are areas that NEED to be CHANGED. Your elements in your life all need to value and progress toward your goals and passions in order for them to be focused on and come true. If you want to be an artist but work all day at a Basketball Store you are deliberately going against your goals and wasting precious time. IF you need to work at that store to get money to fuel your art passion, GET CREATIVE! I used to work at a retail store while I wanted to be a journalist. When customers were not needing help, I would take my computer out and write every day or look for journalism jobs, perfect my resume, and dive deep into my passion everyday while ALSO making MONEY. (I could do this because of the flexibility of the job I choose too, and I purposely choose this slow job so I could do this) SO, get creative and make the most out of your time.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram @compass_traveler

I’d love to see the progress of your to-do lists and dream calendars, hashtag #dreamorganizing with your do to lists for the day to motivate yourself and your friends and track your progress!

GOOD LUCK can’t wait to see all that you can do!


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