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How to love the imperfections of the body with PhoenixSoul

How to love the imperfections of the body?

Well, Compass Traveler and PhoenixSoul dove into this together!

We came to the realization that the BODY is temporary. Our souls are in our body now but we eventually will become part of the Earth once again.

When we compare our body with the Earth we find similarities. The bumps, scratches, asymmetry and more is found in Earths beauty. Symmetry is MADE UP! The Earth has patterns but never have symmetry. The rocks have bumps and different colors. The leaves and fruit have bruises and different colors. The trees can grow sideways and in contorted shapes to reach the sun. The Earth is not perfect, so neither should you be!

When we get stuck on little flaws on our body it doesn't let us flow and appreciate the whole system. The whole system flows together, flaws or not and thats what matters.

Tune in to the interview with PhoenixSoul on her page and coming up on the magazine.

Check PhoenixSoul out:

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