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In the days of virtual work and life, it is essential to break up your work with imagination and physical play! Things such as; physical activity, painting, gardening, surfing, writing, or even daydreaming! Anything that breaks up your day and lets you live like a kid again!

This is called a hobby! A personal hobby is so important. How do you find your hobby? This is something I have been struggling with. I like everything and it is difficult to pick one and stick to it. I usually will do something and then get bored of it and stop doing it! Why is this? Well, it’s not the right hobby for me. Your hobby should bring you joy, and you should be able to easily do it for hours.

To find my hobby, I have been TRYING OUT EVERYTHING! What makes you feel the most joy? Hobbies can be difficult and push you, but they also should feel like a good push. What is something you did as a kid? I used to build fairy houses and write stories. This was all imagination. To turn this joy into a hobby today I continue to write, and I design my brand. It is creative and fun for me!

What is something you can do for hours? Yes, Netflix is a hobby (I think haha) but usually getting off a screen and having a physical real-life hobby is the healthiest! Your hobby could be as easy as talking to friends, cooking, or putting makeup on! Something that sparks PHYSICAL creativity is needed to break up screen life. We are human flesh bodies after all, we need real-world activities to be truly living.

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