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Minimalism is the freaking best! Less is seriously more people. And I mean this in your surroundings as well as your MIND. Yes, you can declutter your mind!

Here are tips on how I have decluttered in the past and how it has helped so much.

1. To declutter your mind, write it out. Use a journal to suck all those thoughts out and things to do and WRITE IT DOWN. Write it down and schedule it out. Organize what is going on in your mind by drawing it out, labeling it, numbering it, etc. I personally group my thoughts or ideas together in similar categories to make goals and thoughts similar and easier to understand. The best way I declutter my mind and organize it is with MIND MAPING. Getting a big piece of paper and writing out your life, goals, ideas, etc. in a simple drawn out way can make the thoughts seem smaller and more attackable. Your thoughts can change from a chaotic mess of puzzle pieces to a pleasant simply put together puzzle by writing it out or drawing it out.

2. DECLUTTER YOUR STUFF! Seriously! Take away all those rings you never wear in your bed side draw (I know all girls have that). If you have doubles of anything, get rid of it! Or even better, sell it on Facebook marketplace. That is what I do with anything extra I have. The simpler your room and space is the better and more relaxed you will feel. The more items one has in their life the more they have to worry and stress over all the little things in their life. One simple space for your mind to rest is the goal not a room filed with useless junk.

3. Declutter your clothes, your food, your goals, your EVERYTHING. If you have a bunch of clothing options, you are never going to know what to pick. If you have less and more valuable pieces of clothing, you will appreciate them so much more. Just like Marie Kondo says, “does it spark joy?” You can even do this with your foods. If you get a bunch of random stuff at the groceries, chances are half of it will go bad before you get to it. If you repeat simple healthy meals it makes it easier to save money and know exactly what you need to buy, make and eat. And declutter your goals. Goals work best when they feed of each other. If you want to be a million different things it will be much harder than if you focus on one goal and blend the rest to fit into that goal. For example, if you want to be a hair dresser but also a rock star, you could either focus on being a rock star that has the coolest hair/cuts fans hair while touring on their bus, or be a hair dresser that plays musical concerts in their hair saloon on Fridays. COMBINE your goals and dreams, let them overlap and feed off each other so it is easier to accomplish and set your focus on them. For example, I want to be a journalist, so I have that as my BROAD category because it umbrellas all the other goals I want to do such as podcasting, filming, photography, writing, social media, marketing, and acting.

4. DECLUTTER THAT MIND. This is also true for the mind. Say you are up reciting a speech to an audience and you start thinking about 100 different things in your head while you are speaking. You will lose track of your thoughts and what you were saying and have to stop. A clear mind= a clearer conversation. SO yes, declutter your mind too. While speaking try to just focus on one thing in your head. A mantra can help with clearing your mind, making it empty and able to focus on what you are trying to accomplish at hand. Being in the present moment can also declutter the mind.

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