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How Mandy is following her 'Compass'

Mandy has dove into fear and recently been listening to her passions and inner compass. How is she pushing through self judgement and being patient with herself?

"At the end of the day Mandy realizes that you don't have to have it all figured out. The purpose of her life recently has just being going with her intuitional flow, learning more about herself through experiences, and following what she loves. As long as you show up and do that every day you will build your dream life."

What is your purpose in life/what has your inner compass told you?

Mandy has been listening to her inner dialogue more and her desire to make a difference in her community. Her favorite thing is to make connections and bonds with people through kindness. This willingness to meet new people, be open, vulnerable, and most importantly kind has brought her to understanding herself and purpose even more. Being open to connect with people and have new experiences is an amazing trait to learn and enhance.

Mandy was not born naturally with this openness, it took time, and experience, for her to grow into herself and confidence in herself.

How did she learn and get over that fear?

The catalyst that pushed her to put herself out there was seeing her boyfriend putting himself out there. Having him inspire and show her possibilities to travel and experience things in life made her realize she had inner feelings of cabin fever. He gave her that support and little push she needed to recognize she could do anything she desired. She made dreams into reality to visit Hawaii by herself by saving up money and just doing it. She says, "money comes back, time doesn't".

Mandy believes experiences are essential for growth and understanding who you are. Mandy also realized she needed to prioritize herself and allow herself that freedom to travel and experience her dreams. She stepped up to the plate and said she was ready to do it FOR HERSELF!

For people that have a feeling like they aren’t in the right place and their intuition is giving them small signs, how do you take that jump into fear of unknown?

Mandy has been there done that. She had small signs and intuitional pulls that she needed a mindset shift. Whether it was things not flowing easily for her and getting her down in dumps or not knowing what her next step is, she realized she needed a new environment to clear her slate and enhance her perspective.

How has your recent trip helped you see that there are other ways people can live their lives? How does environment change your mindset?

Mandy came to realize that where you are, and who you surround yourself with becomes your norm and reality. Mandy fully recognizes that she wants to be around people that inspire her and build her up rather than push her down or judge her. Over time she has realized that flow of the people she needs in her life stick and make the effort to be there for you. She realizes that friends that want you to succeed and support your wildest dreams is so important. Mandy also has seen that when being around an environment or people that are following their passions and sharing their light inspires and allows yourself to see that you can do it too!

How do you motivate and inspire yourself to continue to follow your passions and compass?

Mandy highlights that being PATIENT with herself has been key. Even when she has set back or a lazy day, she still can recognize that long term she is pushing toward her dreams. Forgiving herself and being patient is key to building health habits over time. Mandy realizes she needs to "build the step to see the whole staircase". Or "I have simply tried to do what seemed the best as each day came". She also has been realizing lately that WE HAVE TIME, and there is NO NEED to rush! Rushing causes burnout, as I explain in my boundaries 101 podcast episode (

Mandy said she recently before her trip to Hawaii after she had recently graduated college she was met with rejection, failure, and confusion. Nothing seemed to be working out and it caused her to get sucked into bad routines and a negative slump. She took a look at her life from the outside and realized that she needed a change in perspective. She realized that things were not flowing because there was something else in store for her. Switching up the environment and changing it up was the CLARITY she needed to get out of that slump!

Mandy also realizes that in order to figure out who you are you need to EXPERIENCE!

What do you think the world needs more of? Your life needs more of?

Mandy believes that the world needs more patience, openness, and less judgement. She believes the world needs more forgiveness and patience for humans. Human are innately flawed and make mistakes, this should be more acceptable and normalized in society. She wishes more people would reach out to strangers, spread love, have a more community based mind rather than an individualistic mind. She believes in building up community and being friendlier, kinder, and more patient with themselves and others. She believes the world would loose their anxiety, worry, rush mentality once they can introduce this forgiveness and love into life. We are not perfect robots! We are humans and flaws should not be demonized, edited out, and filtered.

Vulnerability and being seen by someone else authentically is the most powerful feeling. Now a days we believe that having millions of people watching you is "success" and "happiness", but at the end of the day having that one conversation with one person that gets you authentically to the core could feel more important, impactful, and fulfilled.

Both of us are perfectionists and empaths. We even have felt second hand embarrassment for people because mistakes and awkwardness have become so frowned on upon in society.

What are your greatest fears?

Like many of us, failure is a fear of Mandy's. Overcoming her own SELF-JUDGEMENT is key. She is realizing that what comes first is just giving up what other people think and others judgement.

We both agreed that laughing about others judgement and our own judgement is key. Being easy on ourselves and laughing at mistakes and yourself is key to empower yourself and building better habits.

Realizing that sometimes judgement from others is a good thing because it shows you are going against the grain and in the long term thats how you grow the most and make the most impact.

At the end of the day Mandy realizes that you don't have to have it all figured out. The purpose of her life recently has just being going with her intuitional flow, learning more about herself through experiences, and following what she loves. As long as you show up and do that every day you will build your dream life.

How are you sharing your gifts/purpose with the world? (Links, Info)

Mandy is figuring out exactly her niche and spark. She has a passion for photography and capturing important moments in people's lives forever. She loves creating that bond and sharing precious moments through photography. She realized that she used to do photography "for fun", "for free", and as "just a fun hobby". But she realized that this hobby was her passion and her spark that brought her joy. She didn't think that it could become her job until she learned more and built up the confidence in herself to except the title photographer. She realized that she was passionate about photography since childhood and didn't realize that it could be a real time job reality for her.

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