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Guided Meditation

Here is a free guided body scan you can listen to every night to relax and open up your subconscious mind to gratitude and healing relaxation.

Close your eyes

Relax your toes, let your foot muscles sink into the bed

Now let your legs feel heavy

Let your muscles release and let go everything

Relax your knees and relax your pelvic floor and butt bone

Take a deep inhale and let out the tenseness of the muscles

Now relax your stomach and let your belly button sink, let your belly rise and fall with your breathe

Now take a deep breath and release the tension from your chest, the chest can hold lots of tension, let your chest sink lower and lower

Now focus on your hands, lets your fingers and palms sink to the bed, let your arms feel hugged by the bed effortlessly

Let your neck drop down to the bed and let the bed support your head

Your face can hold a lot of tension as well

Let your eyebrows sink down

Your lips soften and relax

Let your eyes sink and your checks soften

Now feel gratitude for your body’s health and relaxation

Feel the happiness of having a healthy body trickle and buzz up your spine.

Your chakras are aligned and balanced

You are at peace

You are in a healing


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