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Diving into Spirituality with KC

Diving into spirituality with KC, a ex Mormon that has been diving into spirituality and new perspectives. Learn what she has learned about spirituality and religion through her personal individual journey.

1. What is your purpose in life/what has your inner compass told you?

KC's purpose is to show people that life is not linear. Life can be a game to explore and dive deep with ones self. She wants to inspire others to see that they can questions things and they can live the life of their dreams.

2. What changed/influenced your idea of spirituality?

KC remembers in lock down practicing yoga, meditation, manifestation, and mindset. She started to feel more in tune with these new ideas she was embodying then the Mormon religion she was born into. As she says, she could feel that it was beyond one "man, or god" but an infinite energy and spirituality aligned with that view more. KC also felt more connected with herself and source when going outside of the rules and constraints she felt in the Mormon religion.

Spirituality is still believing in this greater creation or energy without the boundaries and rules of religion.

She felt like digging deeper and asking questions, looking at spirit through different perspectives aloud her to evolve more than ever. She says, "Spirituality changes as you do because it is you."

We both agree that spirituality cannot be translated to a rule book and a social hierarchal structure, it is more than that.

3. What do you think the world needs more of?

KC believes there should be more freedom and open mindedness to allow people to explore and have their individual journey with spirituality. She believes there needs to be more room for change and different perspectives in spirituality. She believes it doesn't need to be so series, and she believes that it can be fun and more intuitive instead of binding structure.

We understand where people are coming from when they want to put things into labels to understand expansive subjects, but putting into these structure limit it. We both agree that this masculine way of putting spirituality into a formula does not account for the intuition, the wavering perspectives, the inner compass that comes along with spirituality.

Allowing people to feel what is right for them should be taught and is an essential piece in spirituality that we didn't see in religion. Instead of trusting yourself and learning more about yourself, you're taught to trust a system and a rule book that is run by the patriarchal system. Where spirituality shouldn't be about control but empowering individuals in their own self and love. In this aspect we see that the wounded masculine energy is trying to override the feminine intuition that needs to be introduced. The balance of both is the best way to define spirituality instead of trying to fit unexplainable things into a formula.

Humans can feel like they need to understand, label, and control everything where letting it flow and letting it go is the key to understanding yourself, life, and spirituality.

For humans to thrive and understand the Earth, they need to trust love and not base it off of any systems or rules.

This LOVE is the greater power and energy of intuition.

4. How do you keep the motivation to continue to share your gifts/purpose with the world? (Links, Info)

KC said she learned to suppress her own thoughts and intuition because she was taught it was "the devil". This did not help her growth but made her confused and feel guilty to listen to herself.

She said trust is so important to her. She says that she lives in a reality that is full of love and openness. When she gets deterred she keeps the positive attitude in mind. She understands that with patience and time people will be open to seeing different perspectives and it will continue to expand.

KC says, "The way I keep motivated is trusting that what I choose to see I will see more of and it will continue to expand as I am part of the expansive of that"

5. What do you do when you are feeling in a rut?

KC says it really is hard one day going from having all the answers to not knowing at all. Sometimes it is easy to fall into a rut or get lost. KC believes it is the motivation and intuitional pull that she gets to always learn more, level up, and understand more about herself. She understands that the world is her oyster, and when she is in a rut, exploring it, asking questions, and diving deep is the key to understand and find oneself. KC loves to read the book "Can't Hurt Me" By David Gogens. She says just the excitement to learn more about yourself and become more in touch with yourself is the one thing she can always relay on.

She says when in a rut, cleaning the slate is key. With either writing it out, reading, growing, and looking at new perspectives.

KC & KC fully support dream boards and seeing and believing what reality you want to create. To do this we both love to create dream boards, mediate with a group of like-minded group, and talk it out.

If you feel drawn to an inspiration community of like minded people join us for our future classes, retreats, and more with the Compass Travelers Community.

KC & KC host a meditation, spiritual, sound healing class Saturdays at Haleiwa Beach Park.

Learn more or DM us on Instagram to join the next one.

How we are doing classes Saturday at Haleiwa Park compass travelers retreats:

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Compass Traveler Retreats Meditation Classes
Compass Traveler Retreats Meditation Classes

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