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I am a freelance travel journalist under the name, @Compass.Travelers. Here I will explain some useful travel tips and information I wish I had before traveling. Key parts of making your travel experiences rememberable are with; volunteer travel, spiritual and wellness travel, and your travel mindset.

Travel Tips:

How to pack Eco-Friendly?

Minimize that stack of clothes and crap! All you need is 6 outfits and two pairs of shoes, flip flops and sneakers for a trip. Less is ALWAYS more when traveling. When folding fold clothes into a tight roll to conserve packing space. Packing eco-friendly items such as reef safe sunblock’s, soap, shampoo and conditioner is great.

What people should I meet while traveling?

MEET the locals! Talk to as many locals as you can. Ask them questions, be intrigued by their home. You may be invited on a tour around their home or a local family dinner! Meet other travelers that have the same interests as you. There are people from all over the wolrd that may be traveling to the destination you are at. People from Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Etc. If you make friends with people all over the world the more likely it will be that you will travel with them again or have a people to visit all over the world!

What places should I stay?

Hostels are actually not that bad, there pretty awesome! You get the local experience, meet travelers and make friends, and save a bunch of money that you can put into adventures and more trips! Short term stays at hostels are great, but not for long term. I would suggest if you are staying longer at a place to rent out an air-bnb room instead or visit a friend you met in the country and stay for free!

How can I get involved with organizations and volunteer programs and how you can help out the local community in every aspect of your travel?

GIVE, Amigos for Christ, Semester at Sea, the list goes on and on about all the volunteer programs and organizations you can participate in! Before you do though, look at what you will be doing. Are you actually helping the community? Are you boasting their income and economy in the community, helping locals get jobs, education, health and wellness? Some programs can make it seem like you are helping when you are really taking away work and options for locals to do. Always work with the locals and have them profit from it not you! Don’t use the locals for profiting for yourself or photos. This is exploiting them.

How can I get the cheapest flights and transportation?

1. Keep your searches top secret.

2. Use the best flight search engines.

3. Identify the cheapest day to fly out.

4. Fly for free with points.

5. Befriend budget airlines.

6. Search for airline error and sale fares.

7. Book connecting flights yourself for less.

8. Find the cheapest place to fly.

9. Hopper flight app and Groupon flights.

10. Tuesdays at 3 p.m. EST. is the best time to look at flights. Fly on the cheapest days, which are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Fly out early. Check low-cost airline prices individually.

11. Book one way flights individually

12. Flight student discount apps and websites

How can you Immerse Yourself in a Respectful Way into Different Cultures?

How can I prepare myself to be educated in a non-english speaking area?

Use Google Translate app, learn the language, don’t expect anyone to know English.

What are SINGLE STORIES and how can I prevent myself from adapting this mindset?

Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie coins this way of thinking, a single story. When a story is endlessly repeated it assumes the status of truth. Single stories can be dangerous, not because they are untrue: there is always some truth to a single story. The danger is when the one story becomes the only story.


Safety & Travel:

How to stay away from Stereotypes?

Negative press and stories give areas a bad reputation. Most areas you can stay safe if you are safe and smart.

What are the Differences in safety?

Safety for anyone is key. Different cultures means different ways to look out for your safety.


Spirituality & Travel

What Retreats should I want to go on?

What is Journey Mediation?

Or Travel Meditation, Meditation removes stress, so you get along better with people, feel good about yourself, sleep well at night, and are more polite to the people in the airport. That’s going to change every experience in travel.

What meditation practices should I incorporate with travel?



-alone time

-long walks

-appreciating nature

-going through all your senses to take in everything while traveling


Where and when is it the best time to meditate while traveling?

Yoga and Travel:

Yoga For Travel is perfect after a long flight, a long ride, or just plain perfect for after a tiresome day. This 23 min session welcomes BALANCE back to the body. The perfect reboot for the mind, body, and soul. Use this week’s free practice to check in, re-establish your practice, and Find What Feels Good.


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