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Adding NEW things into your life

Adding new activities to your schedules can be HARD WORK. Sometimes we get so worked up in our own patterns and routines that it is sometimes difficult to add new things onto it. Adding something new such as working out, writing every day, or taking walks in nature every day, can take time and most importantly specific tools and steps. If you want to add something new into your days here are some tips to follower:

1. START SMALL, trying to do a 5 mile walk instead of a 1 mile walk every day will be much harder to incorporate. If you start small and get it subconsciously apart of your routine, you can than slowly increase it. For example, write a poem a day, then slowly you will start writing more and more in the time slot you have created as writing a simple poem.

2. ENJOY IT, enjoy the process, and enjoy adding it into your routine. If you do not enjoy it you most likely will not want to do it again, let alone every day or week. So, make sure you enjoy it. But if it is something like working out for example, not enjoyable for more but necessary, starting off with rolling out of bed in the morning and stretching your body, dancing a little, or just simply moving your body in ways that feel GOOD that you ENJOY, can get the body in a moving routine and in need of blood flowing. This can train your mind as well as your BODY to get into the movement routine and ENJOYING it.

3. TIE IT TO ANOTHER ACTIVITY, this is important. Say you have a routine of drinking coffee every day, while you are getting up and getting your morning coffee you can string some other kind of activity onto it, like writing down what you are grateful for that day while waiting for the coffee to heat up, or even doing 10 squats every morning while waiting for the coffee to pour, etc.

I hope these tips help you and new and positive routines and patterns into your normal daily routine!

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